Ray Fournier's Presentation from the       Truth for a New Generation Conference 2015

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The Public Schools and The Great Commission
Mission Fields or Indoctrination Centers?

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New Book by Public School Teacher Calls Christian Parents to Abandon the Public Schools and Return to the Word of God

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The battle for our nation begins with our children!

      I would like to invite each of you to read

Education Reformation.


Once you read the book, please consider ordering a copy of the print edition for friends and family.

 The Second Edition is Ready!!!

Education Reformation now has ...

1. Biblical Worldview Vs Secular Humanist Worldview An even more thorough comparison between the warring worldviews.


2. The answer to the question "Is Public Education a matter of Christian Freedom?"

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Book Description:

A public school teacher's call for Christian parents to abandon the public schools that is:

  • Gospel Centered
  • Great Commission Focused
  • Committed to the Inerrancy,

      Authority, and Sufficiency of


In This Book You Will Find


1. A Biblical case against public education from a public school teacher's point of view


2. The 6 commands and principles of

a Biblical education


3. A complete law and gospel presentation


4. A rebuttal of the "Salt and Light" argument including the issue of true and false conversion


This Book Is Perfect For...


1. Giving to every Christian who is 

currently sending their children    to   

the public schools


2. Giving to pastors so they can warn

their congregations


 3. Sunday School Classes and Small Group Bible Studies


 4. Parents needing a Biblical defense for their rejection of public schooling


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Paperback          $12.99


























What are people saying about Education Reformation?

 "An important message for Christian parents with children in the public schools. The aim of these atheistic schools is to deChristianize your children and lead them into a life of sin and enslavement to Satan. Parents who permit this to happen to their own children will suffer the consequences. Read this book and save the souls of your children."

Samuel Blumenfeld: Best Selling author of several books on education including: “NEA: Trojan Horse in American Education” and “Is Public Education Necessary”.


“Convincing a Christian family to get out of the public schools is an uphill battle all the way, but Ray Fournier is willing to take the challenge. In this book, Ray lays out the case complete with Biblical texts. If this will convince and convict one family to give their children a Christian nurture and discipleship, it will be worth every printed word.”

Kevin Swanson: Pastor and Elder of Reformation Church, OPC, Director of Generations with Vision, and host of Generations Radio – the world’s largest homeschooling and Biblical worldview program that reaches families across the US and in over 80 countries.


"The government school system is imploding, as all humanistic institutions sooner or later do. At the same time, the rapidly growing home-school movement is giving hope to civil and church leaders, parents, grandparents, and God-fearing men and women all over the nation, that there is still a vibrant future for the church in America. I find it especially hopeful to see public school teachers and administrators speak out against the system they once dedicated their lives to, calling others to abandon it altogether. This book is such a call. I pray parents will heed it carefully and prayerfully."

Joaquin Fernandez: Award-winning filmmaker, “IndoctriNation: Public Schools and the Decline of Christianity in America.”

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